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Speech by H.E. Ambassador Wang Yu at the Hand-Over Ceremony of the Second Batch of China's Anti-Epidemic Materials Assistance to Afghanistan

Your Excellency Minister Feroz,

Dear friends,

Good Morning!

The COVID-19 is spreading globally, posing a serious threat to the lives and health of people of all countries. In the face of the severe epidemic, China and Afghanistan have always worked together to cope with the challenge. This shows our friendship as neighbors, and closeness as brothers.

China actively responded to the demand by Afghanistan, and provided the first batch of anti-epidemic materials with a total weight of 4.5 tons to Afghanistan on April 2. I am glad to learn that part of these materials have been sent to the anti-epidemic frontline in Herat province, and they are contributing to the prevention and containment of the epidemic in Afghanistan and saving the lives of Afghan people.

The epidemic is still spreading in Afghanistan. There are new confirmed cases every day. The Chinese embassy in Kabul has been in close contact with the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan to keep up with the situation. Based on the new demand of Afghanistan for fighting the epidemic, the Chinese embassy in Kabul has arranged another charter flight to deliver the second batch of anti-epidemic materials assistance to Afghanistan. The materials we are going to hand over are from China International Development Cooperation Agency and other Chinese organizations. This batch includes more materials than the first batch, including test kits, medical protective masks, surgical masks, protective clothing, protective goggles and infrared temperature guns. The total materials are in 727 boxes, weighing 7.2 tons. I hope these materials will be put into use in the shortest time and help more people.

Dear friends,

The rapid spread, wide range of infections, and the difficulty to contain of the COVID-19 means that we need to fight this unprecedented global crisis together. China has always adhered to the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind and an attitude of openness, transparency and responsibility, sharing information with the WHO and the international community in a timely manner as well as actively responding to the concerns of all parties. As we are doing our best to control the outbreak at home, China will continue to share its epidemic control experience, seek closer international cooperation on medicine and vaccine development, and assist countries and regions experiencing the epidemic as much as we can. Chinese President Xi Jinping has conveyed to all countries the confidence of winning the crisis and united the global consensus on fighting against the epidemic. At the Extraordinary G20 Leaders' Summit on COVID-19 held recently, President Xi Jinping advocated the international community to strengthen confidence, work together and respond in a united manner to comprehensively strengthen international cooperation, charting the right course for international cooperation against COVID-19.

Public health security is a common challenge facing mankind and all countries. Given the ferocity of this virus, solidarity is the only right choice for all countries. To defeat an enemy that respects no borders, solidarity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons against it. China will work together with the vast majority of countries to form the biggest possible synergy to combat the virus. We will fight jointly to promote greater care for the planet we live in, and build our common home.

President Xi Jinping said that crises and opportunities always coexist, and the conquering of a crisis means opportunities will come. There is also a proverb in Afghanistan, badaz har shabe taarik, yek roze rowshan ast(what comes after dark is bright). The epidemic will eventually pass, and it will never defeat the heroic Afghan people. China and Afghanistan, as brothers, will work together to overcome all difficulties. We believe that when the epidemic is over, the friendship between China and Afghanistan will surely be stronger, the pragmatic cooperation between the two countries will be more solid, and the practice of the community of shared destiny between us will also reach a new level!

Dear friends,

Ramadan is only a few days away. Here I sincerely hope that the Afghan people can overcome the epidemic as soon as possible, and wish you all a peaceful and happy Ramadan.

Thank you!

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